The holiday season is approaching fast and it is a time think about our members during the holidays. The Post is here to help and provide assistance, as we can to veterans in need. For the past three years our Canteen Manager, Michelle Wiederstein has been hosting thanksgiving dinner for members looking for a place to go. I would like to see this continue for 2017. In the past, post members have donated vouchers for free turkeys, deserts and side dishes to ensure that we can have plenty of food for everyone. If you can donate or if you know a member that would like to have a thanksgiving dinner with us, please contact Michelle at the post.

​​Current Officers:

Commander - David M. Buechel

Sr. Vice Commander - Nicholas D. Krawec

Jr. Vice Commander - John P. Denk

QuarterMaster - Henry  R. Mannella

Adjutant General - Michael Avebach

Chaplain - James H. McGurk

Judge Advocate - James W. Bruder

Surgeon - Kenneth G. Zatezalo

3 year Trustee - Albert W. Hipkiss

2 year Trustee - Anthony Bucci

1 year Trustee - Ronald H. Loadman

​Adjutant (Appointed) - Michael L. Averbach

Service Officer (Appointed) - James W. Bruder

Current Board Members:

President - David M. Buechel

Sr. Vice President - Nicholas D. Krawec

Jr. Vice President - John P. Denk

Treasurer - Henry Mannella

Secretary - Michael Averbach


Jim Bruder

Ron Loadman

Richard Williams

Jim McGurk


3801 Saw Mill Run Blvd. (Rte 51) - Brentwood, PA 15227