Well it’s a new year and the post has a new commander. My name is Dave Buechel and I served in the Navy aboard the USS California CGN-36. I’ve been actively involved in post activities almost from the day I joined the VFW. Recently as board member and officer. In addition, over the years you may have noticed the various messages on our outdoor sign. I have been responsible for trying to keep them up to date. I would like to thank those who have taken the time to call and point out that I never won a spelling bee. At least I know you’re paying attention and reading our sign. Ken Z. and the late Ken Lockhart are responsible for recruiting me to join the Brentwood 4th of July parade committee as their Veterans representative. This is something I have been very honored to do for the past five years. Together with the Auxiliary, Post Riders and our social membership we can make Brentwood VFW the place known for helping all veterans find a place to call home and a place where veterans turn for assistance when needed.

Anyone wishing to become more involved with the post should contact me or any of the officers of the post. We always need help with fund raising and community service.

Because this newsletter is only posted once a quarter, at best, I’d like everyone to send us your email address, if you have one, so that we can keep you posted on important events and programs as they come up. You can just send an email to or if you would like; to me at This will allow us to capture your email address and update our record.

​​Current Officers:

Commander - David M. Buechel

Sr. Vice Commander - Nicholas D. Krawec

Jr. Vice Commander - John P. Denk

QuarterMaster - Henry  R. Mannella

Adjutant General - Michael Avebach

Chaplain - James H. McGurk

Judge Advocate - James W. Bruder

Surgeon - Kenneth G. Zatezalo

3 year Trustee - Albert W. Hipkiss

2 year Trustee - Anthony Bucci

1 year Trustee - Ronald H. Loadman

​Adjutant (Appointed) - Michael L. Averbach

Service Officer (Appointed) - James W. Bruder

Current Board Members:

President - David M. Buechel

Sr. Vice President - Nicholas D. Krawec

Jr. Vice President - John P. Denk

Treasurer - Henry Manella

Secretary - Michael Averbach


Jim Bruder

Ron Loadman

Richard Williams

Jim McGurk


3801 Saw Mill Run Blvd. (Rte 51) - Brentwood, PA 15227


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